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maikulnaim replied to your post: There’s an aquarium but it’s 3 hrs awa…

I work at an aquarium. If you were in Atlanta, I’d help ya out


actually the Atlanta Aquarium is only 2 hrs away from me!

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There’s an aquarium but it’s 3 hrs away….

I like this anon they approve of me getting like 12 pizzas. THAT IS RAD AS SHIT.

I don’t know if it is either, LOL i don’t know the context! But you were given your friend’s blessing to talk for them, most WK don’t actually ask permission they just do. HOWEVER I think if it was between friends, i still stick to the fact that your friend should talk to the person themselves. Because one SHOULD trust their friends to talk out something without feeling you’re going to step on a trap. Cuz uh haha if you feel that way, maybe you need new friends.

The next reply is long so i am gonna hide it under a cut @_@;

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indiendstuff sent:

Did the Pokemon Fan page ever give you credit?

I don’t think they did but i contact tumblr about it and they deleted the page and the tumblr for pokemon fans is gone! I DID SEE that the image was gone from the website as well!


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misdreavus-and-darkrai sent:

Personally, I think you are absolutely right about the White Knighting thing. There is most certainly a line between putting yourself in someone's business and standing up for them. It's refreshing to run across someone else who actually knows the difference. Good on you!

AW thank you so much! Yes i believe there’s a big difference between being standing up for someone and just being a big poop!! *highfives*

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Hmmm! I know sometimes people would be too scared to confront others. What do you think should happen in that case? :Oc (because I kinda suffer from this, too aflsdg)

If you’re upset with someone you should contact that person and talk to them directly, in whatever way you can contact them.

I know it sucks, but sending in a third party just muddies the water and can create friction/hurt feelings/more drama. Hell, the third party may even outright ATTACK the person, when all you wanted to do was talk with them!

So be brave and be your own person!! If you need emotional support totally talk to your friends! But never hand the reigns over to them because it’s not their problem, it’s yours!


wulvbane sent:

Cheers to you for know what is socially appropriate and not being every other dumb internet cur.

WELL idk bout that, i am very sassy. BUT if you mean not sending my followers to attack, well it just seems what’s right? My issue not theirs XD

your icon is very cute too!

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so they’re on anon bc they support white knighting but don’t want to be white knighted themselves lmao. silly. :/

You’re not my real mom!

the plot thickens

Anonymous sent:

Fuck you I'm going to back up my friends if I want to. Don't tell me what to do

So I was going to write how I find White Knighting a fundamentally dumb practice to do however, i can’t get over that you’re on Anon.

It just shows me you have 0 confidence in telling me your (rude) opinion with your actual blog name.

So be it that you like my work but what I said made you upset enough to rudely announce your differing opinion, but you’re afraid of me hating you. Or you don’t like me, however, you’re still fundamentally afraid of the backlash I or my followers would give you for stating your differing opinion. In which really I may SASS you, however I will not tell people to harass you.

Here’s hoping that next time you can tell me your differing opinion with more confidence. In which I can properly address you my own personal opinion on why it does not work for me.