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I stopped by the Tokyo Pokemon Center yesterday and they had two new posters up for the Espurr Wanted!!! promo.

The poster on the left says: I got my pokepuff…

The poster on the right says: If I eat my pokepuff…they will get mad…

(I love how angry the two Meowstics look in the background xD)


This Vine gives me life

I’m reblogging this again, because this gives me life and a will to live even in the darkest hours.

Anonymous sent:

Aaah, if you don't mind me asking dearie, which of your amazing Gijinkas likes hugs? Because I'd love to hug 'em all!

Vik, Huxley, Geoffry, Corey and Rona all enjoy getting hugged! SO YOU MAY HUG THEM TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT!

I finished it!

Prints, T-shirts and other merch available at Red Bubble and Society6!

UGHHHhh i gotta finish this

euterpe-gc sent:

I loved your artstyle, I envy you ;a; sfdajfdghsdfa <3

Why thank you very much!!!

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Otter Is Completely Relaxed in His Hammock

Via The Otters Photo Album


Holt for Shavos !

DIGITS. DIIIGGITITIEHSTSETSTSTST SELRKTHSER OH MY GOD! I DID NOT EXPECT THIS! I always love your work and JUST TO HAVE HOLT DRAW IS LIKE *lays down and kicks feet* THiS IS SO AMAZING THANK YOU SO MUCH i LOVE how you drew him and that fucking SMIRK on his stupid face is just PERFECT! COCKY LIL SHIT, it is the BEST!! AND MY GOODNESS just love the proportions you used for him, like more simplified shapes and just IT IS WONDERFUL. I am pretty certain you’re not human, more like a bundle of wonder and love. OKAY!? OKAY. *KISSES ALL OVER*

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DAY 18

A couple (any two people)

Otters are people, too.