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AWA original!

Prepping for AWA CON! Gonna be at table B-7!

I like us better when we’re wasted

Anonymous sent:

I find your Pokemon assistant art really cool ^.^ I think that animal helpers can be unappreciated sometimes; as a child of two diabetics, one of whom is partially deaf/blind, we've always considered adopting assistant dogs. They are extremely helpful creatures and deserve more recognition.

I feel bad this is a month old, but i really kept it because it made me really pleased and happy. I fear this will never be seen by the person who sent it but I am glad you feel the same way about animal helpers as I do! THank you anon for the amazing message, and sorry it’s a month late but it made me happy to re-read U_U



So while donating to the other gofundme, i was linked to THIS ONE.


This woman is 61 years old, hasn’t gotten her workman’s compensation for a fall she had while working one of her two jobs. She is having trouble paying for groceries, gas/electric bills and for her medication. The fund…


"Well my friends. Here’s an update on my situation. I went to work today and made $8.00 in tips. I drive round trip 36 miles to work from moonville near Piedmont south Carolina. It’s going on 5 months since my accident and still have not received not one workman’s Comp check. I really don’t know what I’m gonna do. I know there are people in the world much worse off than me but it has come to the point not only every dollar you donate helps but every penny. I can’t quit work because then workmans Comp won’t pay the doctor bills. Rotater cuff is still torn and there’s parrchale frozen shoulder because it took 3 months for approval for Therapy. Therapy hurts but helps. I’ve made a 30% improvement but probably never be the same. Sorry to bore y’all with all this but I want to thank the few people who have helped me on go fund me and I know God will bless each and everyone of you. So for now. Thank you and I will keep you updated. Xoxo"

You can donate HERE.

Reblogging again, because she’s having a very tough time u_u and really only has 700 bucks out of the 5k she needs.

kisskicker replied to your post: anonymous said:Which pokemon (or …

Drifloon. Nothing helps anxiety like an unblinking stare and the propensity to kidnap children. 8I

we didn’t need henry anyways u_u

Anonymous sent:

Which pokemon (or type of pokemon) do you think would be the best "service pokemon" for someone with an extreme anxiety disorder?

O man lol! Really I feel a good basic is Blissey/Togepi lines, and/or Audinos, P much fairy types seem the kindest of the types.

Tho I believe nearly ANY pokemon can make a good companion for any situation. u_u Just because the anime/games have generally toted that when you have a pokemon’s trust/love, they are a companion for LIFE.

So idk anon if you are thinking this in general or you want to make a chara out of this or not. You really can pick any pokemon I feel, like if you have anxiety but your first pokemon was a magikarp you raised up into a gyarados. Even if it’s not a relaxing pokemon, hell it’s more of an intimidating pokemon, but it loves you and nothing calms you down faster than taking a swim with it or riding on it’s back in the water, then by god THAT’S YOUR COMPANION!

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arino knows what’s up

changed my withc image to this because i am running out of timeeeee