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Do you say that because he’s an ice type, Anon?! Because you can’t possibly mean him as a person, cuz he’s just the biggest loser!!

Their relationship is almost sibling based, Ellie’d actually tease Hal for being hit on. Which doesn’t help Hal would already be beyond flustered some hot chick hit on him, so he’s primed for being teased even more!

Ugh i see that post about new Poke in SSB, and it’s making a jab at Fen.

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I’M PRETTY SURE TUMBLR CROPPED THE HELL OUT OF THIS SO HERE’S A LARGER PICTURE. Shavo was kind enough to allow me to use this sketch and make a picture out of it!

Although this situation would probably never happen, we’ve got Keane tusslin’ with Pryde! This picture too a while and I have to say, it was great finally being able to draw something after all this school work. I’m actually pretty proud of this piece and I learned a lot of valuable little tips and tricks.

BABIESSS!! You did such a great job on this Burnt! Thank you so much for refining/inking and coloring this image! Woah it looks so great! And Keane looks like a scary battler, not that Pryde’s any prettier HAHAH! But woah I love how you did the coloring, gradients for Keane and the hair is OMFG SO LOVELY! WEH! You’re always welcome to finish off any of my sketches sobbing, you do it so wonderfully!

They’re friendly acquaintances! Lutrina is actually apart of the International Police and Pepper’s the Chief of Police in Castelia City and they have met during official duty and got along well.

Lutrina has no idea Pepper’s a dirty cop, as that’s a closely guarded secret and it helps that the people Lutrina hunts down, such as Team Plasma. Are groups Pepper does not associate with, since they do not have her City’s best interests at heart, and as such are not welcome on Pepper’s turf.

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segmentray sent:

Re: Saharah's sleeping. When I sleep, I drape a throw blanket over my eyes so everything's as dark as possible! It's like creating artificial night and it helps me sleep really quickly, any time of the day. Maybe that's what Saharah's doing?

He’s only done it twice, so i think he’s just a doofus who slept too close to my bed and his head got under my bed lining. But then again he may want a full, restful, sleep in the middle of the day…

who knows??

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Mushishi Zoku Shou Opening. SO EXCITED

Anonymous sent:

Hey Shavo, do you have that GIF of the dancing otter? You know, the one who moves his butt left, right, left, right, left, right. Its really hilarious.


I thought about it, and I don’t think she transforms as much as she gets custom made riot gear. But in case you wanted to see her designed as a Mega Evolution, i doodled that too.

So i pretty much found out my back pain was due to a cramp in my back(imagine that!) and i’m still sore enough I can’t sleep.