OKAY SO I mentioned I got Zetallis's FIRST SKY Art Book at Fanime! I told her I would do a book review and so I AM.

1] A close up of the title, all with silver text, which my camera did a bad job on capturing it, it’s gorgeous in real life!

2] Here is the book in the package, yet to be open! STUPID UNICORN FACE IN THE PICTURE, stop photobombing me unicorn.

3] i…don’t even know…

4] Okay time to be serious! The book is a soft cover with a vellum dust jacket, the cover image can be seen on Zetallis’s tumblr, it wraps around the entire part of the book and looks absolutely beautiful!

5-8 The Artbook is A4 in size with 65 pages full color pages, these are only a FEW of the images listed in side!

9] Kind of a close up shot. The printing came out great I think, it’s really beautifully done and does Zetallis’s art justice. Unfortunately I don’t think my camera does it much justice really.

Regardless the preorder for online purchases is still going! you can find the information here!