ok ok hold the fuck up

i know this looks funny but it actually isnt

i live in phoenix, and this shit has been on the news a lot

you know why the flashlight is suspicious?

because people have been turning them into bombs

someone has been turning flashlights into bombs, and leaving them places to explode, or “donating” them to charities and Goodwills.

People have been getting hurt.

this is kinda fucking serious

bomb squads are being called whenever flashlights are spotted in suspicious areas

charities are no longer able to accept flashlights, for fear of them being bombs

theyre not deadly, as the injuries of those who have been victims of these so far have been relatively minor, but still- flashlights in phoenix, arizona have been rigged to explode.

theres a 10,000$ reward offered by the phoenix police for tips that will lead to the arrest of the guy doing this.

this has been going on since May, and the police are still clueless as to who is doing it. just yesterday there was a bomb scare at the police HQ

(i found loads of articles beyond these two by googling, guess what, “phoenix flashlight” which autocompleted to “phoenix flashlight bomb”)

so yeah

go ahead and keep laughing at how stupid the phoenix news is for reporting a suspicious flashlight

tee fucking hee :)


(Source: juilan)