My Diancie named Dianth! She was originally a plain, rough pink diamond, whom eventually gained sentience and eventually a form.

Granted with the nickname “Diamond Princess/Bride” from her lace veil and white dress to her fine jewelry. Her jewelry became the mostly interesting target at hand, especially for would-be-thieves and those believing in the rumors of her gems granting them power and curing illnesses. This resulted in her retreating into the deepest part of the Reflection Cave, commanding carbinks to her command.

Years later a gravely wounded young man stumbled into her cave, not wanting him to die she resuscitated him. When he awake the man explained that he was from a distant kingdom to get ahold of one of her gems and traveled all this way, only to be attacked by thieves and left for dead. Thinking he was like all the other theives, she rebuked him and snapped at him that she even ruined her veil on an ungrateful thief. The man explained further that he needed a gem in hope that it could heal his Queen and console his poor King. With that she relented, but depended compensation for the ruined veil to which replied that the theives also stole what little money he had. Regardless when he fully healed Dianth sent the man off with a small gem to bring to his Queen, thinking she’ll never see him again.

A year later, a knight arrived in the cave, to which he yelled out that he was the man she saved a year ago and has come back to return the favor. Much to Dianth surprise, the knight was the young man! He came to repay his debt to her with a new lace veil and to informed her that the Queen was well again, thanks to her gem. Thus formed a lasting friendship between the both of them.

Until the Great War started and ultimately ended when a king mad with despair released a giant weapon upon the world turning thousands of soldiers and civilians into stone. One of them being Dianth’s beloved knight. While  mourning her fallen friend, a shining ray of light came from the stone, which was a megastone, which she considered the heart and strength of the knight. To this day she wears the gem in remembrance of the young man.